‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 4, Episode 3: Monet’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day(s)

OPINION: Monet’s worst fears are coming true: When you raise liars and killers, they might lie about trying to kill you. 

Mary J. Blige and Golden Brooks as "Monet Tejada" and "Janet" (Courtesy of Starz)

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I would imagine that there are few things more disappointing in life than finding out that at least one (and maybe more) of your kids are trying to kill you. What has to be even more disappointing is realizing that the decisions you made and the way you raised your kids essentially served as a blueprint for a life where your kids try to kill you. 

Such is the lot of one Monet Tejada, who finally received information about who was trying to kill her (her kids). Pinky pulled footage from a doorbell camera at Kate Egan’s house that showed Diana handing off an address to Tommy’s mother. Quickly, last season, Tommy came back gunning for Tariq’s mother, Tasha (there’s A LOT of history there), and he got the address of where Tasha was hiding from his mother, Kate. That address was provided by Diana Tejada pretending to be Monet. Diana tried to set her mother up to be killed (understandably considering Monet just had Diana, Dru and Cane’s father killed) as an act of revenge and used Tariq to do it by making him believe Monet dropped his mother’s location. Tariq, of course, was then going to try to kill Monet but things went awry (plus Diana almost ended up dead). Whew, chile. 

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 Anyway, Monet is putting the pieces together, and we’re about to get a Tejada family feud. What did Jay say — nobody wins when the family feuds? I guess we’re going to see. 

In other news, Obi was apprehended by Det. Carter and held at a precinct for questioning. So, I’m enjoying this show’s plot this season, but I have to call shenanigans on something: I’m supposed to believe that Obi, who by all accounts has proven to be pretty smart and savvy (until he wasn’t), would take the word of the police that they have physical proof of him and Tariq together? Det. Carter said he had pictures of Obi and Tariq, and Obi tensed up and showed signs of cracking but never looked at the pictures. Obi wouldn’t open that file at all just to see what was in there? There’s no way. I don’t buy it. I understand we had to find a way to get Obi killed but come on.

Oh, Noma killing Obi got me hyped up if only because it’s signaling that the death, destruction and mayhem of the “Ghost” universe is on and poppin’. I’m so excited. 

Cane and Dru are trying to move up in Noma’s organization in their own ways. Dru just wants a better job (oh, Dru … somebody kill him already), and Cane is coming for the power and Noma. Poor Effie. Effie missed an appointment for an engineering program at Stanford University trying to help Cane only to find out (through her intuition; she didn’t see anything untoward) that Cane and Noma are probably about to get to smashing. Cane, much like Tariq, is out for self. I think it’s safe to say that Effie makes bad choices in men. 

Back to our main characters for a bit. Tariq and Brayden need a new supplier, and Davis hooks them up with one. Tariq really is a smart, manipulative chap. This is why Tommy tried to tell him he needed to pick a side: be a gangsta or a civilian. Anyway, Tariq plays Effie by making her think somebody else is dealing at Stansfield University and Cane ends up burning the alleged competitor’s supply, opening the door for Tariq and Brayden to get product from a distributor who now needs to move product. 

So now, Tariq has product, Effie and Cane are on the outs, Noma just took out her No. 2 guy leaving an opening (can’t find the listing on LinkedIn, though), Davis is now a player in the drug game, and Monet kinda sorta has no choice but to try to kill Dru and Diana now. 

THIS is the season I’ve been waiting for.

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