George M. Johnson

Writer George M. Johnson says omitting Kehinde Wiley's sexuality is a historical occurrence that needs to end.
Truth is I’m tired. After hundreds of articles, Facebook posts, Twitter threads and protests, here we are in 2018 STILL discussing homophobia in hip-hop, and for that matter, the Black community at large. It has been said in every...
This year female rappers proved that in a “man’s world" the women still keep the tempo.
On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Intellectuals of Black Academia, the world tuned in as civil rights icon Cornel West took "Neo-Liberal Darling” Ta-Nehisi Coates to task over his book "We Were Eight...
Why does justice more often than not come up short for Black folks?
Donna Brazile's bombshell book exposed unattended wound in the Democratic Party