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Haley Taylor Schlitz is in her third year of law school at SMU Dedman School of Law. In May of 2019, she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Woman’s University College of Professional Education. She is also the youngest graduate in the history of Texas Woman’s University and is an elected delegate to the Texas Democratic Party and was elected and served as a Joe Biden Delegate from Texas to the Democratic National Convention.

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Spelman College
September 29, 2021
It’s time for Generation Z to take action and do what we do to protect and build the future we want to see.
Activists A'niya Taylor and David Hogg, theGrio.com
September 17, 2021
David Hogg misses that, unlike past generations of Americans, Generation Z will not be driven by a perspective of one demographic group.
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
August 17, 2021
Rep. Barbara Lee’s actions in 2001, and her entire life, capture the true spirit of movements such as Black Women Lead and Black Girl Magic.
Tampa-Area Chidren Return To Classrooms On First Day Of School
July 30, 2021
Officials should drop their political theatrics over critical race theory and address serious issues in our education system.
Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson
July 28, 2021
Jodie Turner-Smith proposing to Joshua Jackson demonstrates the removal of rigid gender norms to find one’s authentic self in partnership.
Texas rally at State Capitol, theGrio.com
July 13, 2021
Even with the chaos in Texas, rapid population growth in urban and suburban areas points to a trend of progressive and inclusive politics.