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How to stop overspending, What is overspending, overspending, How to get out of debt, What is the cause of overspending, theGrio.com
From tanking credit ratings to carrying unnecessary debt, overspending is more dangerous than you think.
Financial literacy, HBCUs, financial education, theGrio.comj
October 28, 2023
A new initiative strives to increase the financial literacy of minority and underserved communities — starting with college students.
Kids and money, How to teach kids about money, How to keep your kids out of debt, personal finance, budgeting, managing debt, teenagers and money, managing money, get good with money, theGrio.com
September 19, 2023
We’ve all dealt with debt — good and bad — but with early and easy interventions, kids can get good with money before it’s make-or-break.
Summer travel, traveling while Black, travel, Labor Day, Labor Day travel, travel hacks, how to save money on travel, holiday travel, How to budget for travel, Global Entry, TSA Precheck, personal finance, theGrio.com
Financial expert Jennifer Streaks shares travel tips to save time and money during the busiest Labor Day weekend to date.
When not to use your debit card, debit card, personal finance, avoid debit card scammers, keep debit cards safe, Jennifer Streaks, theGrio.com
You work hard for your money — so don’t let your debit card make it easy for scammers to steal your earnings and information.
good debt, bad debt, credit card debt, loans, managing debt, theGrio.com
Not all debt is created equal; “bad debt” doesn’t provide any growth value, accumulates high interest — and can take years to pay off.
June 5, 2023
In the wake of the closures of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, manywonder how many bank accounts do they really need.
Summer travel, travel n a budget, travel deals, summer vacation, vaction deals, theGrio.com
Hoping to travel this summer on a budget? With a few helpful tips, price increases don’t have to derail your vacation plans.
Personal Finance, Spring cleaning, budget, budgeting, financial advice, theGrio.com
Spring offers an opportunity to refresh and organize, and your finances are no exception. Here’s how you can stage your own seasonal reset.
Tax season, tax season 2023, filing taxes, personal finances, tax returns, theGrio.com
February 18, 2023
Do taxes typically trip you up? Here’s what to expect this tax season, and what to keep in mind as you prepare to file.
Layoffs, Personal Finance, Unemployment, Laid off, theGrio.com
If you’re one of the thousands who have recently been laid off, you’re not powerless. Here are steps you can take if you lose your job.
Managing debt, making a budget, personal finance, household bills, holiday spending, theGrio.com
January 23, 2023
Feeling overwhelmed by post-holiday bills? A new year is a great time to pay down debt and get your financial house in order.
Governement Shutdown thegrio.com
January 22, 2018
Whether you are a federal government worker, or a private-sector employee, any disruption to your income can throw you and your household into a tailspin. Here’s some tips now that the government has shutdown.
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
December 11, 2017
Stick to these tips and you will be able to focus more on the spirit of the holiday instead of the cost of it…