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R.S. Locke is a multimedia journalist and entrepreneur. Staying positive but petty is a personal creed that underscores her writing and her life. She writes about the world’s longest-running reality series and family business - the British Royal Family.

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September 10, 2022
Thursday’s announcement that Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully that afternoon left the United Kingdom and much of the world reeling.
Analysis reveals harassment and disinformation about Harry and Meghan have been amplified to mainstream by royal reporters and pundits.
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex - theGrio.com
September 30, 2021
Writer R.S. Locke says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent New York City tour showcased why service is universal.
Prince William and Meghan Markle, theGrio.com
July 14, 2021
While William’s intervention was commendable, many wondered why that same energy had not compelled him to speak out in support of Meghan.
Prince Harry Meghan Markle thegrio.com
Meghan’s royal title was little shield from racism. If we can’t protect a Black princess, how can we expect to protect a pauper?