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In a desperate attempt to get to Langston Hughes, Dorothy West decides to propose marriage. Louise Thompson tries to talk her out of it and shares the reality of what it means to be in love with a man like Langston.  Louise also reveals a secret behind her own failed marriage.  As plans for life after Moscow remain unclear, Mildred Jones offers to stay with Dorothy in the Soviet Union for another season. But what type of relationship is Mildred looking for?  Dorothy shares her unconventional plans for the future.

Executive Producers:
Byron Allen
Carolyn Folks
Jennifer Lucas
Geraldine Moriba
Regina Griffin

J Ivy As Langston Hughes
Evan Frazier As Dorothy West
Nancy Gilliam As Rachel West
Kyla Lacey As Helene Johnson
And Tarrey Torae As Sylvia Garner
Broderick Clavery as Henry Lee, James The Translator and The Meschrapbom Official. 
Breanna Cosette As Mildred Jones
Susaye Lawson As Louise Thompson
Basil Rodericks  As Countee Cullen 
Stephan Rumphorst as  Carl Junghans and Boris The Russian Sergeant 
Sidney Apolonio as The Volunteer Coordinator
Sam Riddell as The Train Conductor
Jon Kelly as The News Reporter

Written By Alle Mims
Directed By Ares Harper and Regina Griffin 
Producer and Sound Design Sam Riddell
Audio Engineers  Aaron Reppert and Carey Durham.
Technical Support Craig Ross and Sabua Samandu.
Booking Producer And Logistics Coordinator  Taji Senior
Audio Podcast Editor Justin Sloan
Dramaturg   Alexis Williams
Art Design By Trevor Irmler
Music By: Transitions And URSS Soviet Chorus 
Audio Recording Smash Studios
Videographer Templeton Wright 

Research for Harlem And Moscow was facilitated by The Schomburg Center,  Project Muse,  The Schlesinger  Library On The History Of Women In America At The Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Cherene Sherrard-Johnson’s Book “Dorothy West’s Paradise,”  as well as  Literary Sisters by  Verner D. Mitchell And Cynthia Davis. 

Sincere thanks go to The Dramatist  Guild,  The Dramatist Guild Foundation,  Dr. Jennifer Wilson,  Dr. Saidiya Hartman, Dr. Brent Hayes-Edwards, and Dr. Lauren Brik-Elmore.
And theGrio gives a special thanks to Gabrielle Holder,  Genia Nooks and the Gill Talent Group team.

Harlem & Moscow

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