Russian Reality Check

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The production of the film “Black And White”  gets underway IN Moscow with a less than stellar first rehearsal that is only saved by the star of the Harlem Renaissance performers, Sylvia Garner.    Langston  Hughes reveals his doubts on the script. Dorothy West receives devastating news from home and then struggles to understand the comfort she finds in Mildred Jones. As the group becomes more comfortable in Moscow,  they are surprised with a trip to Odessa, only to learn that the film is in even bigger trouble than they thought. 


J Ivy As Langston Hughes
Evan Frazier As Dorothy West
Tarrey Torae As Sylvia Garner
Kyla Lacey As Helen Johnson
Nancy Gilliam As Rachel West
Breanna Cosette As Mildred Jones
Susaye Lawson As Louise Thompson
Broderick Clavery As Henry Lee
 Stephan Rumphurst, As Carl Junghans and Boris, the Russian sergeant

Harlem And Moscow  Was Written By Alle Mims
Directed By Ares Harper And Regina Griffin 
Producer And Sound Designer Sam Riddell
Audio Engineers Aaron Reppert And Carey Durham 
Music By Transitions

Harlem & Moscow

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