Russian Reckoning

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The group of Harlem Renaissance actors and artists return to Moscow moving from the Grand Hotel to a small hostel.    Henry Lee Moon tells Langston Hughes that he thinks the film has been sabotaged by Americans. In a heartfelt moment, Louise Thompson speaks to Dorothy West and Mildred Jones about another woman on the trip who is heartbroken over a breakup and attempts to take her own life. The three women discuss the freedoms, or lack thereof, for women at this time, each coming to their own conclusion about what the future holds for them as single women.  Mildred entertains a Russian man while Langston is seen with Soviet Sweetheart, Sylvie Chen, leaving Dorothy feeling more alone and uncertain about her future than ever. 


J Ivy As Langston Hughes
Evan Frazier As Dorothy West
Kyla Lacey As Helen Johnson 
Nancy Gilliam As Rachel West
Susaye Lawson As Louise Thompson
Breanna Cosette As Mildred Jones
Broderick Clavery  As Henry Lee and James The Translator 

Harlem And Moscow   Written By Alle Mims
Directed By Ares Harper And Regina Griffin 
Producer And Sound Designer Sam Riddell
Audio Engineers Aaron Reppert And Carey Durham 
Music By Transitions

Harlem & Moscow

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