When in Moscow

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Dorothy West and the Harlem  Renaissance artists and activists get settled into the Grand Hotel and enjoy the lavish luxuries the Soviets have to offer.  Caviar anyone? 

While exploring Moscow, Mildred  Jones and Langston Hughes push the prim and proper  Dorothy out of her comfort zone.  While partying,   the group finally meets the director of the film, Carl Jungans but the all-Black cast sees red flags as the filmmaker reveals himself to be quite ignorant when it comes to race.


J Ivy As Langston Hughes
Evan Frazier As Dorothy West
Nancy Gilliam As Rachel West
Breanna Cosette As Mildred Jones
Susaye Lawson As Louise Thompson
Stephan Rumphorst As Carl Junghans 
And Broderick Clavery As  James The Translator 

Harlem And Moscow  Was Written By Alle Mims
Directed By Ares Harper And Regina Griffin 
Producer  And Sound Designer Sam Riddell
Audio Engineers Aaron Reppert And Carey Durham 
Music By Transitions

Harlem & Moscow

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