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Yes, Everything Does Happen For A Reason – Part 2

Episode 17

Most of us are quick to embrace our positive life experiences. And yet the learning, the growth, often comes from painful situations and circumstances that must be overcome. In the second of this 2-part episode, Kevin “Boss” Ross reveals more details on what it took for him to land his dream job, hosting America’s Court with Judge Ross, and what you can do to be your best self.


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Hi, I’m Kevin Ross. And this is The Podcast. Yes, Everything Does Happen For a Reason Part two.

So I left off on my last episode, sharing that “America’s Court with Judge Ross” was taping new episodes. And how once we return for season 14, yes!

In the fall of 2023, my show will be the longest running uninterrupted court program currently on broadcast television. Thank you very much.

But here’s the deal when it first debuted on September 20th, 2010, America’s Court was airing in less than 40% of the country.

The TV stations were not considered top tier and many of the time slots were in the wee hours of the night.

Ratings wise, it was barely registering and the icing on the cake was I wasn’t very good as a host. Seriously, even my own mother and a few close friends weren’t particularly impressed.

Now, it may have had something to do with how the last time I set foot inside a courtroom aside from contesting a talking on a cell phone while driving ticket was five years prior after getting fired as a judge. On that details, as one might hear in Jamaica soon come. Surprising to say mistakes resulting in me leaving the bench were of my own making.

Which was an extremely difficult pill to swallow at the time. Grappling with the tough emotions during that dark period were not easy.

It required therapy, prayer, meditation, humility, and an acceptance of my circumstances.

I was the sole provider for my family who suddenly found himself without health insurance or source of income. And things, Let me tell you got tight real quick. So I had to reinvent myself.

Since media was an area I was seemingly suited for, I became a communications director for a nonprofit. I Absolutely hated it.

I didn’t like having to take a substantial cut in pay and benefits I didn’t like having to clock in and out, I didn’t like having to work nights and weekends whenever the CEO would text me saying something additional needed to be done ASAP.

Want to take a guess how long I ended up staying there? Maybe what? Six months and a few days tops. We mutually agreed it, it wasn’t a good fit. Can I just say right here right now?

Thank you God for blessing me with that random unfulfilling experience. See, after eight years as a government prosecutor and seven as an elected Judicial Officer serving the public, I had completely forgotten what it was like to work in the private sector, the hustle, the grind, the mindset that’s required to succeed to thrive. I had lost that, all of that. Instead, I had become lazy.

My existence too comfortable. Working 15 years in the criminal court system was not supposed to be where my journey ended. This, I am unquestionably clear on. If you know to be true.

Without hesitation, that what you’re presently doing is not meant to be the final destination in your journey, please, by all means, keep listening.

If you’re good, my message ain’t for you might as well turn off this episode right now and check out one of the other hosts on our Grio Black podcast network.

I’ll, I’ll give you a minute. Ok, Ready? We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When each of us is born, our unique gifts, talents, contributions, our, our intellect, energy knowledge all came into existence that one single time once we’re pulled from our mother’s womb. And that includes twins, triplets, quadruplets. You, you get what I’m saying, right?

What often gets us into alignment with our reason for being on this earth is overcoming obstacles.

It’s dealing with adversity. It’s adapting to circumstances that stretch us. We, we cry, ache, come up short, surrender, fall.

But if we persevere, say it with me, Persevere. If we persevere, Ultimately, we rise. That’s Boss Ross’ story. My test became my testimony.

In 2007 after the debacle with the nonprofit, I ventured out on my own, becoming President and CEO of a communications and media company, we launched shortly before the US went into a deep prolonged recession. Life was stressful. My faith constantly wavered. The future looked uncertain. I kept plugging away.

One day in September 2009, I find myself in an entity then called Entertainment Studios. It was a pitch meeting set up by a Morehouse College classmate of mine who had just been hired by the company’s founder, President and Ceo Byron Allen.

I desperately needed to secure Entertainment Studios as a client, Mr. Allen opens the lobby door. I stand up, we make eye contact, firmly, shake hands and go into the main conference room. The whole time I’m in there trying to close this deal as if my life depends on it because it did.

Mr. Allen, however, isn’t the least bit interested or engaged in my pitch. Instead, I’m fielding questions about my background, upbringing, family life, things of that nature.

It was very confusing. Stay with me. Finally, Byron says to me, I am not into what you’re talking about, I couldn’t make two nickels off of it.

We’ve decided to get into the daytime syndication market, we’re looking at doing a court show and I think we’ve found our judge. Do you want the gig?

And boom goes the dynamite that my friends is how I ended up being the first outside talent to represent what is now Allen Media Group.

The idea that I pitched 14 years ago, that Byron Allen was convinced he couldn’t make any money from was wait for it, internet radio or what we now refer to as podcasts.

The very thing you’re listening to right now! What’s the takeaway? Everything happens for a reason.

Your circumstance, your struggle, whatever you’re facing is not unique to you. What is unique to you is what you are going to do about it.

That’s the question. Despite being hard, sometimes life has something special in store if you don’t give up on finding out what it is. Trust, I’m still on that climb myself.

I firmly believe that more will be revealed because more needs to be done in order for me to discover what is my true purpose. That said when it comes to me being Judge Ross of America’s Court. Now, you know the rest of the story.

If it inspired you, but I’ve done my job. If not, well, I’m good with you, mistaking me for Judge Brown, Judge Mathis or even Judge Steve Harvey. Don’t just be good folks, be great. Now, let’s go.

I’m Kevin Ross and this is The Podcast powered by TheGrio. Follow me @IamBossRoss on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for listening. See you next time.