Environmental Justice: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

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President Joe Biden just announced his new environmental platform, but the more important question is ‘How does that affect our community?’ Join our hosts Dr. Christina Greer and special guest Ibrahim Abdul-Matin as they unearth environmental racism in America. To have environmental justice you must first recognize environmental racism, a term coined by the black church in North Carolina observing that most polluting facilities were located next to Black neighborhoods. With Biden’s Green New Deal, professionals will now fill the seats that were made vacant by the Trump administration. This new environmental plan can potentially force big companies to clean up the waste that is directly impacting Black neighborhoods while also creating job opportunities in the future. Meanwhile, Trump’s impeachment trial has everyone skeptical. Even though the house and senate are controlled by the Democrats. It seems very unlikely that 17 republicans will vote yes to prosecuting Donald Trump. With the senate appearing to be useless the fate of Donald Trump’s impeachment is still unknown. While Biden is attempting to create a greener future, Trump’s trial is resting in the hand of the senate. The most important question of it all is What’s in it for US” ?

What’s in it for us?

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