Ring The Alarm: David Johns

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What’s In It For Us, theGrio’s weekly political podcast hosted by Dr. Christina Greer Ph.D., welcomes special guest Educator, Teacher, Speaker and Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition, David Johns! 


This week on the show: We want that old thing back! The Verzuz series has been a much-needed celebration during the pandemic, but now some are criticizing and alleging that what once was a celebration of Black excellence has become nothing more than a platform for noted abusers. We weigh on the controversy!

Plus, Georgia is still on the frontlines in the war against Black voter suppression and now the nation’s top lawyer says he plans to sue the state over its racist voting laws. Our guest David Johns breaks down the impact Georgia’s battles could have on the rest of the country and we take a look at the states that are trying to copy/paste Georgia’s harmful laws. 


Last but not least: an alarming new trend emerging from the pandemic. New research suggests that Black folks are among those suffering from pandemic-related overdoses. What we know about a new study from the CDC and what the findings could mean post-pandemic.

What’s in it for us?

What’s In It For Us is a smart, funny and edgy political podcast. Hosted by TheGrio Politics Editor, Fordham University Associate Professor of Political Science, and author Dr. Christina Greer.

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