Traumaversary: Amber Crowder (Been Down Project)

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It’s Women’s History Month! To celebrate, What’s In It For Us Podcast is proud to feature all-women guest hosts for the entire month of March! Joining Dr. Christina Greer this week is the founder of the Been Down Project, Amber Crowder.

In today’s episode, we recognize the ‘traumaversery’ of the Covid-19 Pandemic. While many of us were on lockdown in our home, Amber Crowder shares her story of how she was locked down in federal prison.

Deb Haaland has been sworn in as Secretary of the Interior. With Haaland, the United States has its first Native American leading a cabinet-level agency in the history of this nation! Naturally, she will be the first Native American to look over native affairs.

‘Stop Asian Hate’ began trending on social media following a white gunman’s bloody attack in a spa in Atlanta.
There has been serious discrimination against Asian-Pacific Islanders, primarily due to false narratives and bigoted lies surrounding COVID-19. There are many Black people hesitant to support the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ movement because of the lack of support from the Asian community during the Black Lives Matter protests.

With so much going on, we have to stop and take a moment to ask, ‘What’s In It For Us?’

What’s in it for us?

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