What's in it for us?

Trust Issues: African Americans eroded affairs with the Government and Science


COVID-19 has been a waking nightmare, impacting 12 million black families; reports reveal that 1 in 800 confirmed cases result in death for black people, yet, many African Americans are still reluctant to get the vaccine largely because we have no faith in the goodwill of our own government. Can you say trust issues? Jump into the conversation between our hosts Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson, as they caution against letting our guard down until the full expiration of Donald Trump’s presidency paying special attention to his relationship with Russian leaders and his coup d’etat tactics. As we usher Biden and the people he is appointing to office, could it be that he is picking all the right people but placing them in the wrong positions? So many transitions, let’s find out “What’s in it for US?