Affordable Care Act

Former President Barack Obama will be returning to the White House on Tuesday for his first public event there since he left office in 2017.
/ April 3, 2022
Amid the latest COVID surge, it is more important than ever that Americans have access to affordable health care.
/ January 15, 2022
President Biden
The Biden-Harris administration ran a campaign built upon sweeping appeals to working class Americans, especially Black voters. As the year […]
/ November 2, 2021
President Biden Signs Executive Order To Reopen Obamacare Enrollment
Between February 15 and August 15, a little more than 147,000 people in the state of Georgia selected an ACA health plan.
/ September 26, 2021
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the Obama-era health care law, preserving insurance coverage for millions of Americans.
/ June 17, 2021
U.S. President Joe Biden
Sign-ups for Obamacare among Black Americans saw a noticeable jump since Congress passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.
/ April 8, 2021
President Biden
“With the American Rescue Plan and the Affordable Care Act, millions of families will be able to sleep a little more soundly at night.”
/ March 24, 2021