Black photographers

NBA fans in Memphis knew her first, this little girl photographing Grizzlies games from the baseline at the FedEx Forum. 
/ April 4, 2022
The Black Women Photographers (BWP) collective has partnered with Nikon for a $50,000 grant distribution to assist creatives in funding
/ January 27, 2022
Naomi Osaka
On a special ‘Women in Sports’ Olympics cover, Naomi Osaka was styled and photographed by an all-Black team for Vogue
/ July 16, 2021
In recent tweets, SZA revealed that a magazine refused to let her book a Black photographer for a photoshoot. SZA
/ May 27, 2021
Quil Lemons
At 23, Quil Lemons is now the youngest person ever to shoot a Vanity Fair cover. Despite his youth, the
/ February 10, 2021