Many are concerned about plans to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine via chain pharmacies and grocery stores. Some areas have neither.
/ December 25, 2020
Walmart responded to the Justice Department suit with a forceful statement, calling it “tainted by historical ethics violations.”
/ December 23, 2020
DoorDash CVS
A DoorDash driver has lost her job after a video of her confronting a customer at CVS goes viral on Reddit.
/ December 12, 2020
Police Car
A Black woman says she was given a hard time at a Tulsa, Oklahoma CVS by a pharmacist who allegedly […]
/ July 19, 2019
Coupon Carl
  After widespread backlash on Monday, CVS Pharmacy decided it didn’t want any trouble from the audience at-large and fired […]
/ July 18, 2018
Barack Obama is back in Kenya to help his half-sister, Dr. Auma Obama, launch her sports and training center. The […]
/ July 16, 2018
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
Ricky Berry had simply gone on a spontaneous grocery shopping trip with his roommates to a CVS in Richmond when he had the police called on him.
/ November 25, 2016