Discrimination Lawsuit

Virgina Tech soccer player Kiersten Hening
A former college soccer player claiming she faced discrimination after refusing to kneel with her teammates during the reading of
/ January 9, 2023
Yale Law School’s Veterans Legal Services Clinic on Monday filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
/ November 29, 2022
FedEx Corp. is not giving in after being ordered to pay $366 million to a former employee, making it the
/ November 2, 2022
GREENBELT, Md. (AP) — Three Maryland State Police officers have filed a proposed federal class-action lawsuit against the department, alleging
/ October 27, 2022
A conservative blogger who claimed he was excluded from a position on a Madison, Wisconsin, police board because he’s white
/ August 31, 2022
Judge Wooden gavel on the table of judge with american flag and black chair
A Black Kentucky man has filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court against a state prison, claiming his constitutional rights
/ July 10, 2022
Meta, the social media giant that owns Facebook and Instagram, has settled a landmark lawsuit with the U.S. Justice Department
/ June 23, 2022