Great Replacement Theory

OPINION: Virginia woman thought it would be a good idea to go on Fox News to explain how she is making it harder for her son to grow up as a Black man and understand who he is.
/ May 18, 2022
OPINION: Black journalists, scholars and regular, shmegular citizens have been publicly screaming about the dangerous fear now known as the “great replacement theory,” and no one cared.
/ May 17, 2022
OPINION: The GOP are very intentional in using fear—of immigrants or “critical race theory”—to scare their supporters into action. The Buffalo shooting shows the danger that can come from pushing harmful, racist rhetoric.
/ May 16, 2022
OPINION: The racially motivated attack in Buffalo, N.Y., was not Trump’s fault. Fox News didn’t do it. It was America at its most ordinary.
/ May 15, 2022