Labor Union

Twenty years after 9/11, Sekou Siby still feels the pangs of survivor’s guilt. It sent the immigrant from Ivory Coast on a path he never saw.
/ September 12, 2021
The union push was the biggest in Amazon’s history, only the second time that an organizing effort from within the company saw a vote.
/ April 11, 2021
Congressional Delegation Meets With Alabama Amazon Workers In Unionization Push
Amazon employees who spoke out against the company’s practices were found to have been fired as retaliation according to the NLRB.
/ April 5, 2021
Black Lives Matter became the latest high-profile supporter of the Bessemer city union push, the biggest in Amazon’s nearly 30-year history.
/ March 13, 2021
If organizers succeed in Bessemer, Alabama, it could set off a chain reaction among workers across Amazon’s operations nationwide.
/ February 14, 2021
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
CHICAGO (AP) – In a statement, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel says Obama and the union share a vision and members wanted early and strong support to help his election…
/ July 5, 2011
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
BROOKLYN, Ohio (AP) – Glover is bringing attention to the plight of Ohio workers at a Hugo Boss plant that faces a shutdown next month with the loss of 375 jobs…
/ March 23, 2010