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The new law requires inmates to be asked if they identify as transgender, nonbinary or intersex, then they must be housed accordingly.
/ September 28, 2020
Edward Thomas thegrio
Dallas Police charged Edward Thomas, 29, was with one count of aggravated assault for his alleged role in what authorities have flagged as a hate crime.
/ April 15, 2019
Chance the Rapper and Amara Enyia
The Trump Administration is currently drafting up a law which targets the transgender community. The proposal would define gender as either […]
/ October 23, 2018
Ginuwine Transphobic
Ginuwine isn’t Transphobic for not kissing India Willoughby and here’s why. I need for cis Black men to stop killing trans women. Yes, the bar is set that low.
/ January 11, 2018
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
Rachel Dolezal, 37, the head of the Spokane, Washington, branch of the NAACP, has represented herself as an African-American woman […]
/ June 12, 2015
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
theGRIO REPORT – ‘Paris is Burning’, the original Jennie Livingston-directed film, chronicled the ‘ball’ culture in New York City’s disenfranchised and neglected black, Latino, and queer communities…
/ April 17, 2012