The Download | October 23rd: Trump Administration Targets Trans Community + Kanye Donates to Chicago Mayoral Candidate

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[griojw id=”BksTWjEK” playerid=”x9J2bwvH”]The Trump Administration is currently drafting up a law which targets the transgender community. The proposal would define gender as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that you are born with.

Just hours after the proposal was announced, the hashtag #WeWontBeErased took over social media prompting responses from celebrities and public figures such as Bernie Sanders and Laverne Cox.

Kanye West caused a frenzy after his meeting with President Trump. This week West is flipping the script yet again.

The MAGA rapper donated 73 thousand dollars to Chicago Mayoral Candidate Amara EnyiaEnyia first made headlines after being publicly supported by Chance the Rapper. At that time of Chance’s endorsement, her campaign owed thousands of dollars to Illinois State Board of Elections from her previous mayoral run. After West’s donation, they released this statement saying it has been paid in full.

Comedian Niecy Nash teamed up with the New York Times for a new satirical infomercial encouraging people to stop calling 911 on Black folks.

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