Minneapolis Police Department

The city of Brooklyn Center will pay the family $3.25 million and has also agreed to change policing policies and improve training.
/ June 22, 2022
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Mayor Jacob Frey hasn’t met a “clear legal duty” to hire more police officers.
/ June 22, 2022
The settlements mean the city has agreed to pay a total of $5.4 million because of injuries caused by police in May 2020.
/ May 28, 2022
Attorney Ben Crump penned an op-ed saying it’s been two years, and we haven’t gotten the George Floyd police reform bill passed by Congress.
/ May 24, 2022
An ex-Minneapolis officer Thomas Lane pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in the killing of George Floyd.
/ May 18, 2022
The 72-page report also found that police arrested and used force against people of color at a much higher rate than whites.
/ April 28, 2022
An investigation launched after the 2020 killing of George Floyd found that the Minneapolis Police Department has engaged in a pattern of race discrimination for at least the past decade.
/ April 27, 2022
Chauvin has filed an 82-page appeal that lists over a dozen aspects of the case he and his lawyer say tainted last year’s trial.
/ April 27, 2022
Three former Minneapolis police officers charged in aiding and abetting the death of George Floyd will not have their trial live streamed.
/ April 26, 2022
J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao are set to go to state trial in mid-June for aiding and abetting in Floyd’s murder.
/ April 13, 2022
Minnesota prosecutors declined to file charges Wednesday against a Minneapolis police SWAT team officer who fatally shot Amir Locke.
/ April 6, 2022
One officer fired rounds through a door seconds into the raid while another broke the home’s windows, all for a pit bull pup.
/ February 28, 2022
Floyd Former Minneapolis Police Officers J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao. thegrio.com
Three former Minneapolis police officers were convicted Thursday of violating George Floyd’s civil rights.
/ February 24, 2022
All 12 members of the jury — eight women and four men — appear to be white, but the court hasn’t released its demographics.
/ February 24, 2022
The three former Minneapolis police officers accused of violating Floyd’s civil rights will soon learn their fates.
/ February 22, 2022
The Rev. Al Sharpton was among the service speakers who paid tribute to Amir Locke and other Blacks who’ve died in police encounters.
/ February 18, 2022
J Alexander Kueng, one of the three officers charged with violating the civil rights of George Floyd, took the stand in his defense.
/ February 17, 2022