Recy Taylor

Taylor did not receive justice for her rape in segregated Alabama

/ January 8, 2018
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OPINION - America’s civil rights history evokes a sense of pride and accomplishment, given the hard-fought battles waged in

/ April 8, 2013
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theGRIO REPORT - Twenty five years ago 15-year-old Tawana Brawley was reportedly found dazed and confused lying in a garbage

/ November 28, 2012
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Recy Taylor is touring the nation's capital nearly seven decades after she was denied justice following

/ May 12, 2011
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Senate gave final approval Thursday on a voice vote to a resolution that expresses "deepest

/ April 22, 2011
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OPINION - On this 55th anniversary of the Montgomery bus boycott, perhaps we can finally end the myth of Parks

/ December 6, 2010