Sen. Chuck Schumer

The group of 10 is hoping to negotiate a proposal over the Senate’s upcoming recess and have it ready for a vote at the beginning of June.
/ May 27, 2022
Democrats’ first attempt at responding to the back-to-back mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, failed in the Senate Thursday.
/ May 26, 2022
The legislative conundrum in the Senate over Roe v. Wade dates back decades, suggesting an uphill battle for the latest push on Capitol Hill.
/ May 11, 2022
Rep. Gregory Meeks
From the White House to the halls of Congress, the U.S. government says it’s doing its part in aiding African migrants in Ukraine.
/ March 4, 2022
Schumer, in an exclusive interview with theGrio’s April Ryan, said of Judge Jackson: “She belongs on the court. Plain and simple.”
/ March 3, 2022
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will meet today with senators Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley.
/ March 2, 2022
The political fight to protect the right vote and reform the filibuster reaches new heights as the White House visits Georgia.
/ January 11, 2022