The Cross Connection

Cross chimed in with her say amid a Twitter exchange between Hill and Bryant about former NFLer-activist Colin Kaepernick.
/ September 28, 2021
Tiffany Cross and Megyn Kelly,
Tiffany Cross criticized former Fox News host Megyn Kelly for repeatedly slandering Black women in efforts to grow her platform.
/ July 25, 2021
On “The Cross Connection” Saturday, Cross said that Maher had no business telling people of color what they should be offended.
/ June 27, 2021
“On this one, you’re not only on the wrong side of the aisle, Sen. Scott, but you’re embarrassingly on the wrong side of history,” she said.
/ May 2, 2021
Tiffany Cross
Tiffany Cross, the host of MSNBC’s ‘The Cross Connection,’ says her show represents a new dawn of diversity for cable news.
/ December 11, 2020