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As accusations surfaced, Temo Waqanivalu was positioning himself for an exceptionally big promotion with a very public role.
/ January 15, 2023
Uganda’s latest outbreak of the Ebola virus is over, the government and the World Health Organization said Wednesday.
/ January 11, 2023
Monkeypox Vaccination Site Opens In West Hollywood, CA
The U.N. health agency said in a statement that both monkeypox and mpox would be used for the next year while the old name is phased out.
/ November 28, 2022
Haiti Battles With Cholera Outbreak, As Death Toll Reaches 1,100
At least half a million people in Haiti are at risk of contracting cholera, according to the Pan American Health Organization and the WHO.
/ November 15, 2022
Gambian lawmakers on Wednesday urged compensation for the families of 70 children who authorities believe may have died after taking a contaminated cough syrup imported from India.
/ October 27, 2022
Uganda aims to track down 43 contacts of known Ebola patients two days after announcing an outbreak of the contagious disease.
/ September 22, 2022
The number of COVID-19 deaths worldwide last week marked what could be a turning point in the years-long global outbreak.
/ September 15, 2022
The U.N. health agency reported 5,907 new weekly cases and said two countries, Iran and Indonesia, reported their first cases.
/ August 26, 2022
The World Health Organization says it’s holding an open forum to rename the disease monkeypox over concerns for negative connotations.
/ August 14, 2022
“We understand…how a name of a virus can really cause harm to that community,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told theGrio.
/ August 1, 2022
Advocates say emphasizing that the monkeypox outbreak is primarily among “men who have sex with men” could further harm the LGBTQ+ population.
/ July 28, 2022
The chief of the World Health Organization said the expanding monkeypox outbreak in more than 70 countries is an “extraordinary” situation.
/ July 23, 2022
More than 90 contacts, including health workers and community members, have been identified and are being monitored, WHO said. 
/ July 17, 2022
The World Health Organization described the epidemic as “containable,” proposing the creation of a stockpile to share vaccines and drugs.
/ May 27, 2022
An adviser to the World Health Organization calls the outbreak a “random event” that might be explained by sexual behavior at European raves.
/ May 23, 2022
WHO estimates that the number of actual COVID-19 cases in Africa may have been nearly 100 times more than reported.
/ April 8, 2022
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A new report from the CDC shows that the United States is continuing to see a rise in maternal death rates in Black women.
/ February 23, 2022