New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin quarantined in China

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(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is feeling well after he and his wife were quarantined in China because a passenger on their flight exhibited flu-like symptoms.

Nagin’s office said Sunday the couple and a security guard were quarantined at a hotel in Shanghai as a precaution and were exhibiting no swine flu symptoms.

Nagin’s spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett told The Times-Picayune that the three are “being treated with utmost courtesy by Chinese officials.”

The newspaper’s Monday edition quoted Quiett as saying Nagin was feeling well.

Nagin left Friday for an economic development trip.

Quiett said Chinese authorities quarantined people who sat near a passenger on the flight from Newark, New Jersey, after the passenger showed symptoms of an influenza-like illness.

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