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Michael Harriot is a writer, cultural critic and championship-level Spades player. His book, Black AF History: The Unwhitewashed Story of America, will be released in 2022.

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65th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
May 23, 2024
Amber Rose’s Donald Trump endorsement exposes a fundamental misunderstanding of Black culture, political strategy and how whiteness works.
May 20, 2024
Why can’t the GOP find someone who is widely embraced by Black America when they want someone to represent conservative values?
May 17, 2024
After 70 years, enough time has passed to learn the unwhitewashed history of the Supreme Court’s landmark desegregation case.
May 13, 2024
The beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar sparked an age-old debate about the difference between policing a culture and protecting it.
May 9, 2024
Here’s a guide for engaging in “legitimate” protest, based on the insights, experiences and historical lessons of America’s most qualified dissidents.
2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
May 2, 2024
Kendrick Lamar’s latest beef ballad elevates the diss record subgenre to an art form and should be discussed that way.
April 29, 2024
The growing Christian nationalist Redoubt movement is just the latest example in a long history of plans to make America white again.
Supreme Court Hears Case On January 6th Rioter's Obstruction Challenge
April 18, 2024
America’s highest court declined to hear a case that essentially redefined the word “peaceful” and eliminated some people’s right to protest.
OJ Simpson dies, OJ Simpson death, theGrio.com
April 12, 2024
O.J. Simpson, who died Wednesday of cancer at 76, was not a hero or a villain, but he was an all-American symbol.
J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar diss track, theGrio.com
April 11, 2024
Rapper J. Cole has the right to retract his Kendrick diss record. Hip-hop fans also have the right to feel slighted.
NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship
April 9, 2024
There’s always been a racial component to sports, so there’s nothing wrong with rooting for everybody Black.
Former President Donald Trump Surrenders To Fulton County Jail In Election Case
April 5, 2024
The former president is actually the embodiment of the racial stereotypes his followers believe about Black people.
March 28, 2024
OPINION: While racists have weaponized the term, it’s time we recognize the white people who pioneered the position of “diversity hires.”
March 20, 2024
OPINION: In what might be the whitest interview ever, the former CNN anchor exposed the limits of X’s CEO perceived genius.
96th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage
March 15, 2024
“American Fiction” director Cord Jefferson’s post-Oscar response perfectly explained Hollywood’s aversion to “Black movies.”
DEI, Alabama anti-DEI bill, theGrio.com
March 8, 2024
Black leaders, students and everyday citizens are mounting their own offensive against the Alabama’s SB129 law attacking DEI.
President Biden Delivers Remarks On His Administration's Efforts To  Fight Crime And Make Communities Safer
March 4, 2024
Why have Black voters suddenly turned on President Joe Biden? And what does it mean for the 2024 presidential election?
February 29, 2024
Part 3 of theGrio’s Black History Month series explores Black people’s contributions to America (Spoiler alert: slavery is not included).
February 23, 2024
Part 2 of theGrio’s Black History Month series explores the myths, misunderstandings & mischaracterizations of the struggle for civil rights.
February 13, 2024
Part 1 of theGrio’s Black History Month series explores the myths, misunderstandings and mischaracterizations of America’s slaveholding past.