Christina Greer

EXCLUSIVE: theGrio joins call with Biden’s picks COVID-19 Equity Task Force Chair Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith and CEA Chair Cecilia Rouse.
/ January 15, 2021
Amber Crowder
theGrio spoke with Amber Crowder, founder of the Been Down Project, about being a an advocate for women in the industrial prison complex.
/ December 22, 2020
Shield The Vote encourages the use of face shields, along with masks, at polling locations and will distribute donated shields to voters.
/ October 19, 2020
On September 10 and 11, the historic summit brought together over 40 HBCUs to chart a way forward in preparation for the upcoming election.
/ September 25, 2020
Harris Biden
Even though 2020 feels like a never-ending inferno, we must stay focused on the upcoming election, voting and the nominees on the ballot.
/ September 24, 2020
theGrio spoke with Rev. Stephen A. Green, civil rights activist and leader for social justice, about activism, mentors and the advancement of Black people.
/ July 24, 2020
“Begin Again” author Eddie Glaude shares books to help contextualize the uprisings, racial reckoning and possible reconstruction of America in 2020.
/ June 30, 2020