David A. Love

Amy Cooper lied in her 911 call to police about her life being threatened by a Black man in New York's Central Park. It was all captured on video tape. But yet she currently faces no charges for filing a...
If Donald Trump can’t get what he wants, he’ll shut down the government.
The Republican Party and NRA are somehow linked to a Russian banker who has close ties to Vladimir Putin.
If a shutdown happens, Trump and the Republicans will take the blame
Trump's racism is only a throwback to other commanders-in-chief when America was “great"
It is hard to believe that a year has passed since Donald Trump took the oath of office and as forced America to not only watch his reality show presidency on a daily basis, but to suffer the consequences...
It's time we call a thing a thing: the President is a RACIST!
Arpaio’s state of Arizona, like other states, provide roadblocks for ex-offenders and their voting rights...
Israel is becoming an hostile and inhumane place for Black people
The highly unpopular bill is the greatest heist in modern history
Black voters brought him to this place, and he can’t forget that
The epic U.S. Senate contest between Roy Moore and Doug Jones is far more than a local race
The GOP tax bill is as bad as you think it might be
While men are clearing their desks in the halls of power, Thomas should join them
For centuries, the British Monarchs made untold wealth through slave trading and free labor
America has a way of messing up things for other countries--and this is no different
This tragic story is what's wrong with America and its criminal justice system
We have no reason to believe anything Donald J. Trump says, including his claim that he rescued the three UCLA basketball players who reportedly caught a case in China for stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store. Trump is a...
You don’t have to speak to any of the survivors of this bloody massacre to understand that Mr. Paddock intentionally terrorized thousands in his brutal premeditated attack for which investigators have yet to determine a motive...