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David A. Love is a journalist and commentator who writes investigative stories and op-eds on a variety of issues, including politics, social justice, human rights, race, criminal justice and inequality. Love is also an instructor at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, where he trains students in a social justice journalism lab. In addition to his journalism career, Love has worked as an advocate and leader in the nonprofit sector, served as a legislative aide, and as a law clerk to two federal judges. He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Harvard University, and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He also completed the Joint Programme in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. His portfolio website is davidalove.com.

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February 19, 2024
Black contributions to country music have been whitewashed and erased, but Beyoncé is forcing America to remember what Black people built.
February 5, 2024
Over 1,000 Black pastors have written open letters urging President Joe Biden to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
summer school lunch program, theGrio.com
January 22, 2024
The GOP opposition to anti-hunger programs is part of their shtick, and it exposes their hypocrisy as the so-called party of family values.
January 12, 2024
Two Republican candidates for president provided further proof that American history has never been taught correctly or truthfully.
Alabama redistricting, voting rights, theGrio.com
November 29, 2023
OPINION: A recent decision by an appeals court ruled that only the federal government can bring lawsuits under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The case will likely head to the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority may kill the landmark law once and for all.
Palestinians, watermelon, Palestine, theGrio.com
November 22, 2023
OPINION: Watermelon symbolism reflects the struggles for freedom and fights against oppression for African-Americans and Palestinians. But the symbolism hits […]
November 20, 2023
In statehouses across the country, Republicans are doing everything they can to subvert voters’ decisions.
November 10, 2023
Biden’s stance on Israel could have political repercussions as Black people call for a ceasefire to end the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.
Black land theft, Sliver Dollar Road, Raoul Peck, theGrio.com
October 13, 2023
OPINION: Filmmaker Raoul Peck spoke to theGrio about his latest documentary, which tells the story of a Black North Carolina family fighting to get their land back.
October 9, 2023
At a time when the Republican Party is at its most hostile toward Black liberation, why would Black Democrats switch parties?
Jacksonville, racially motivated shooting, theGrio.com
August 30, 2023
Wishy- washy language on racial violence fails to educate and inform the public on the true nature of racism.
August 18, 2023
The pro-Israel lobbying group has endorsed over 100 Jan. 6 insurrectionists while spending millions to defeat Black Democrat candidates.
August 16, 2023
The war on critical race theory was always about protecting white children from feeling discomfort in the classroom.
August 4, 2023
What happened to McElroy in Texas is but the latest example of a full-scale war on Black educators and Black education across the country. 
July 12, 2023
The Ala. senator refused to call white nationalists racists and he’s fine with them serving in the military. The problem is they already are.
July 10, 2023
Police misconduct, a welfare scandal and a water crisis in the state’s majority-Black capital city are just a few of the challenges Black Mississippians face.
white Christian nationalists, Uganda anti-gay law, theGrio.com
Uganda just enacted one of the world’s strictest anti-gay laws. White Christian nationalists from America have spent millions to pass it.
Jordan Neely, lynching, theGrio.com
May 26, 2023
We live in a time when racial vigilantism is offered once again to eliminate Black lives. Black life has always been cheap in America.
Black MAGAs, Black Trump supporters, theGrio.com
May 23, 2023
All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk: Black MAGAs have joined the fight against civil rights, voting rights and racial justice.
Malcolm X, John Brown, theGrio.com
May 19, 2023
We looked back at what Malcolm X had to say about why he considered John Brown the standard for white allyship.