Man shoots sixteen-year-old robber (video)

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Walking with a limp after sorting some of the heaviest packages at a the mail facility where he works, a sleep-deprived Elliott Firby recounted his decision to fight back when an armed robber cornered him.

“I know he was going to shoot me if I didn’t reach in my pocket. So I took a chance,” said Firby, 54, as he sat inside the Sarasota Police Department.

He said it started when he left work about 2:30 a.m. and noticed the driver of a pickup truck slow down, change lanes and get behind him.

When he stopped to unlock the gate to his driveway, the truck turned onto his street.

“Guy jumps out on the passenger side with a pump shotgun, tells me ‘Give
it up, sir. Give it up, sir,’ ” he said.

Firby, who has a concealed weapons permit, had already grabbed his gun from his trunk and stuck it in his pocket.

He said its part of his nightly ritual.

The demand from the would-be robber forced Firby to his knees.

That’s when he made the decision to shoot.

Firby fired twice.

One bullet struck the suspect, Brandon Ellis, 16, in the stomach.

Police said the driver of the truck later dumped Ellis at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Police said Ellis underwent surgery today and that he faces a felony warrant for attempted armed robbery.

The search continues for the driver of the truck, which police found at Ellis’ home.