High school football players save lives

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Four Hollywood, FL high school football players, along with their coach, are being credited with saving three lives.

The group was driving in central Florida, returning from a football camp, when they came across a horrible car accident at dusk on Sunday.

A married couple, and their two-year-old granddaughter, had crashed into a canal. Their SUV was upside down.

The rescuers fought their way into the SUV, yanked seats aside and took a door off its hinges.

With help from anther passing motorist, the group freed all three victims from the vehicle.

53-year-old Juanita Carillo Bryan was not breathing, however, and her head had been underwater.

Junior football player Jared Maldonado had learned CPR in a health class, and applied it to the unconscious woman.

Maldonado revived her, and Mrs. Bryan is in intensive care at a Fort Myers hospital.

A school assembly is being planned to recognize the heroes.