Seeing double! Army twins become captains

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Soldiers at Fort Polk, Louisiana are doing a double take when they see the newest commanders of the 94th Brigade Support Battalion.

The commanders of Fox Company and Echo Company are identical twins, the first time in the army’s history that identical twins have been commanders in the same unit.

Captain Derrick Lyles says he enjoys serving with his brother.

“It’s great I get to bounce ideas off my brother, being in the same position coming up in the same type of unit,” he said. “He can relate to things that are going on with me, things I’m seeing, dealing with soldiers and also getting the job done in the right way.”

Captain Darrell Lyles says he enjoys army life.

“It just seems like a lifestyle,” he explained. “It’s fun most days most hours most times of the day I really enjoy what I do it doesn’t seem like work most of the time.”

First Sergeant Lawrence Scott works under Darrell Lyles in Fox Company and he says it was hard to tell the two soldiers apart when he first met them.

“I really had to look at the two Lyles brothers I mean exact some voice tone same height but it’s the shoulders, one has broader shoulders than the other one so that’s how I tell them apart. And the ring of course one’s married the other’s not,” Scott said.

First Sergeant March Bell works with Derrick Lyles in Echo Company.

Bell says only time will tell if the Lyles will be the first set of twins to become generals in the army.

The brothers both received their captain bars July 1st.