Couple left at the altar

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Their wedding day is the day many women look forward to. But for one Tennessee couple, their dream day turned into a nightmare when their limo driver ditched them at their own wedding ceremony.

Their driver got them to the church just fine, but come reception time Kimberly and Santoria Johnson say their limo was nowhere to be found.

“I called you know as soon as we finished taking pictures and he answered and said he was on his way. That was the last time we talked to him,” said Kimberly Johnson.

An hour and a half later they were still stranded while their once in a lifetime wedding reception happened minus the bride and groom.

“I made a decision after about an hour and 25 minutes to just call the people at the reception and get some SUVs on the way,” said Santoria

“Once we got to reception people were ready to leave cause they had been there so long,” Kimberly said.

Now the honeymoon is over, the dust has settled, and the Johnsons want their money back.

The Johnsons say they aren’t asking for much, just compensation for the limo ride they never got.

In their minds a small price to pay for lost time and memories that can’t be replaced.

“It’s really bad because I don’t have pictures from my wedding because the limo was late,” said Kimberly Johnson.