Caught on tape: Rapper gets robbed while getting a trim

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Rapper Brisco just wanted a haircut, but he came out of a Miami barbershop with a headache after a group of thugs pistol-whipped him and made off with cash, jewelry and his Range Rover during an afternoon robbery last week.

On July 29, four men entered the Player’s Choice barbershop waving hand guns and demanding the rapper’s car keys. They fired their guns, though nobody was hurt.

In surveillance video, the four men appear to be gunning for the rap star. Three of the gunmen go straight for Brisco, who is sitting in the barber’s chair getting a haircut.

They force him to the floor, take off his chain and watch and dig in his pockets for whatever cash they can find.

“This robbery was off the chain,” said Miami Police Department spokesman Jeff Giordano. “Taking someone’s bling. They might as well have taken his heart.”

Brisco’s Range Rover was recovered a short time later, but the thieves made off with over $35,000 worth of jewelry.

Police are still looking for the four robbers, described as black males between 18 and 25 years old.

Brisco, 24, whose MySpace page describes him as “The Opa Locka Goon,” has worked with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.