Erykah Badu talks about the Kidrobot craze

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There’s a one-of-a-kind toy that has customers camping outside of stores and standing in lines.

It’s called ‘Kidrobot’, a world of stylized artwork, toys, and clothes. There are just five stores nationwide, all in major cities. When the latest store had its grand opening in Dallas, customers were wrapped around the block.

Tommy Lee, a Robotkid collector waiting patiently in line showed off one of his favorites Robotkid figures. “You see this figure right here? There’s nothing this extraordinary out there. It’s the most unique urban toy, period.”

Even some celebrities are hooked. Pop singer Erykah Badu, on hand at the Dallas store opening wearing Robotkid gear and holding a huge Robotkid figure called “Munny”, explained her fascination.

“It’s really a subculture of creativity and it’s like a living cartoon”, Badu said. “I think it’s a very exciting project. I’m a very avid collector. My son is a collector and I just like to support art.”

“It’s miniature art”, said renowned Kidrobot artist Huck Gee. “It’s collectable art. It’s more affordable art.”

Some items retail for as little as six bucks, but other cost an upwards of twenty thousand dollars.

Kidrobot stores are in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.