For months now, politicians and health experts have been reminding us that the best way to prevent swine flu is by washing your hands.

Now there’s a doctor who has discovered a catchier way to deliver the message.

“For intervention, I bring prevention. Dr. Clarke here I come to make your head numb,” raps Dr. Clarke.

He’s a railroad doctor by day but a rapper is what John Clarke likes to play. He writes his own music so you won’t get too sick.

“You know, a lot of doctors go to the golf course but I go to the studio,” says Dr. Clarke. “Some people hear about it and say that’s gonna be corny but the issue, when you’re trying to reach teens and children is- they don’t like to be preached to.”

Today his stage was the train station but if all goes well, his rap will reach our entire nation.

“I entered it into a contest hosted by the US Department of Health and Human Services. And the video made it through as one of the top ten,” says Dr. Clarke.

Now to show the doc some love vote for his video at The winner gets some play as a federal government PSA.

“I thought the rap was really cool,” says Megan Page.

“Jay-Z better watch out- here comes Dr. Clarke,” says Carolene Brown.