Mentally challenged mother and gifted daughter share special bond

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When Grace is at the door, Bonnie knows her daughter better be ready for school.

Bonnie Brown knows what life would be like without help and without her almost 12-year-old daughter Myra.

“It would be difficult! It would be too overwhelming for me!”

The 45-year-old single mother in Delaware County has been raising a gifted daughter while dealing with intellectual disabilities.

“I never really noticed it was different because I just thought of my mom as a normal mom!” said Myra.

And so the student is sometimes the mom and the mom is sometimes the student.

“She’s just such a good kid! I just enjoy her you know? We just support each other any way we can and that’s what makes our relationship so unique!” said Bonnie.

That relationship got Bonnie and Myra into the current issue of People Magazine.

And they did it with the help of Community Interactions, a support group for the disabled.

When Bonnie is at her job at Wendy’s and Myra is at school, they dream about a future of college — and maybe even a vacation together.

“I guess I’m looking forward to when I have a really a big house and it’s so big that mommy has her own floor!” said Myra.