President Obama met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) today to discuss the most current and pressing issues affecting the African-American community, including the economy, job creation and the need to pass health care reform.

While the president acknowledged economic strides in the economy, he also recognized the unemployment crisis, asking members to provide specific recommendations concerning job creation.

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Members such as Chairwoman Lee expressed her concerns with current unemployment statistics (16 percent of African-Americans are unemployed), discussing the impact of the economy on African-American communities who are struggling to make ends meet, and their need for additional assistance.

Some potential solutions expressed by members include summer youth employment, job training tied to apprenticeships, a review of Recovery Act contracting to ensure access to these opportunities is fair and equitable, and an appreciation for the jobs that can be generated through weatherization programs, and the passage of health care reform.

For members of the CBC, a lot more is at stake. Several caucus members feel strongly that the president is not listening to their concerns.

The meeting concluded with Congressman Lewis describing the potential passage of health care reform as a major victory for all Americans.