Two women have same name, social security number

VIDEO - There was no foul play with identity theft, but rather a strange coincidence. Two women have a lot in common...

ROTTERDAM JUNCTION – While checking her credit report, Gabrielle Thompson noticed some unusual charges. She thought her identity had been stolen, but she actually shares her identity with another woman.

Not only did both women have the same name, they had the same birthday and received the same Social Security number.

Gabrielle was born at St. Peter’s Hospital in New York on July 11, 1988, but another Gabrielle Thompson was born in Pennsylvania that same day.

Twenty-two years later, Gabrielle’s mother called her when she was in college and asked why she opened a $500 Victoria Secret card. Gabrielle denied opening the card.

It wasn’t until looking at two credit reports that Gabrielle and her mother discovered the confusion.

Beth Wurtmann, reports, that Gabrielle’s mother blames the government.

“It’s unbelievable. I mean, you hear about this identity theft and people getting your number, but the government giving out the same to two different girls,” Thompson’s mom, Amanda, said.

Currently, both Gabrielles and their mothers are trying to get new Social Security numbers for their daughters.

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