Costly slip! Utility pole goes through wall in Mass. home

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All was quiet at this Fitchburg home until the wall came came tumbling down, or at least a chunk of it. The width of a telephone pole, a pole that was on the back of a Unitel truck out on a service call.

Fitchburg Fire Department Chief Paul Vaillancourt says “as he approached the hill, the truck started sliding backwards, the truck came down, jacknifed, and the utility pole went straight into the house.”

The result, police say, of slick roads caused by Monday’s severe winter storm.

Homeowner Melvin Gibbs says, “it’s almost like slow-motion, and it just keeps coming, and coming.”

Melvin Gibbs and his wife say the pole came into their home about four feet but missed them by much less.

Melvin says “we were sitting here watching TV, my wife was in the mirror here doing her hair.”

No one was hurt but a step or two in any direction for the Gibbs could have drastically changed the outcome of this story.

Kwajalein Gibbs says “I didn’t need this but I am grateful, thank God, that I wasn’t standing there because I could have been and it would have been worse.”