Haiti cholera expected to claim more lives

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GENEVA (AP) – International relief and health officials say cholera remains a major threat in Haiti, where 1 million people are still living in camps after last year’s devastating earthquake.

Matthias Schmale, an International Federation of the Red Cross undersecretary-general, told reporters Tuesday that officials worry the disease is still spreading, but “if we had the magic solution we would be doing it.”

World Health Organization spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said the cholera outbreak in Haiti has not yet reached its peak, despite already claiming at least 3,651 lives.

More than 170,000 people have been infected since the epidemic began in October.

She said the peak would be reached when the current 2.2 percent mortality rate drops to less than 1 percent.

Also, the head of the U.N. weather agency, Michel Jarraud, said Tuesday that hurricane-prone Haiti needs $10 million to improve the reliability of its forecasts and warnings.

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