United Nations

The U.S. and U.N. are suspending their food aid to Ethiopia as they demand that Ethiopia’s government yield its control over the vast aid delivery system supporting one-sixth of the country’s population
/ June 22, 2023
The United Nation’s top human rights body adopted a resolution Thursday that drew attention to mounting civilian deaths and rights abuses in Sudan since a bloody conflict erupted between the African country’s two top generals last month.
/ May 12, 2023
African countries saddled with debt and ravaged by losses and damages from weather events have agreed to consider swapping debt to invest in climate action in a meeting of finance ministers in Ethiopia.
/ March 22, 2023
solitary confinement
A group of human rights attorneys wants the United Nations to review why Black Americans spend so much time in solitary confinement.
/ March 2, 2023
The plea came as the U.N. in Haiti released a report on what it described as mass incidents of murder, gang rapes and sniper attacks.
/ February 11, 2023
The head of the World Food Program says support from donors have allowed it to postpone — though not entirely avert — famine in Somalia.
/ January 17, 2023
The U.N.’s deputy secretary-general urged every country “with capacity” to urgently consider the Haitian government’s request for an international armed force to help restore security and alleviate a humanitarian crisis.
/ December 23, 2022