School district official calls workers ‘gorillas’ in email

VIDEO - According to NBC Philadelphia's source, who wants to stay anonymous, "I know for a fact the [two] men he was referring to as gorillas [were] black."...

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A Cherry Hill School District administrator sent out an e-mail that calls department of public works employees gorillas, polar bears and trained seals, outraging many.

Kevin Larson, the Cherry Hill School District director of operations and facility management, allegedly sent out the offensive e-mail in response to Woodcrest Elementary School Principal Beth Ann Kob’s request for workers to plow snow after a Jan. 28 snowstorm.

Larson’s e-mail, obtained by NBC Philadelphia through a tipster, says, “All of my polar bears, trained seals and two silver back mountain gorillas on loan from the township” were working elsewhere that day.

According to NBC Philadelphia’s source, who wants to stay anonymous, “I know for a fact the [two] men he was referring to as gorillas [were] black.”

Larson also says “You should see them with a snow blower that has a banana tied to the front of it, they go through a blizzard like nothing you ever seen,” in the e-mail.

A statement from school district officials to NBC Philadelphia says an internal investigation is underway.

“The District deeply regrets the comments made by our employee and we reiterate our apology to anyone who was offended,” the district statement says.

At least one of the two African-American employees of Cherry Hill Township said that more needs to be done to punish Larson.

“I think Larson should be terminated,” said George Mayhue.

Some of Mayhue’s co-workers were also insulted to be called animals.

“It’s very hard — many hours and this is what we get called?” said Robert Jessen.