Iverson reportedly flips out during traffic stop

NBC PHILADELPHIA - Looks like Sixers legend Allen Iverson has found trouble once again...

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NBC Philadelphia

Looks like Sixers legend Allen Iverson has found trouble once again.

Iverson was the passenger in a grey Lamborghini that was pulled over late last month in Atlanta, Ga., according to a police report obtained by CNN.

The driver, A.I.’s friend Antwuan Clisby, was pulled over for allegedly making a lane change without signaling, according to the report.

This is what happened next, according to CNN:

Clisby couldn’t produce any documentation for the vehicle, the report said. He then told the officer his passenger needed to leave the vehicle to eat dinner, and the officer said no one was leaving until the investigation was complete.

With that, Iverson became “irate,” according to the police report, saying, “I’m the (expletive) passenger.” The officer radioed for backup, and a second unit arrived, according to the report. Clisby and Iverson were asked to exit the vehicle, while Iverson continued to curse at the officer, the report said.

The car belonged to A.I. but the tags had expired two years ago prompting police alert Iverson that the sports car would be towed.

That’s when A.I. reportedly continued his tirade as documented by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” he reportedly told Durham. “Police don’t have anything else [expletive] to do except [expletive] with me. … Do you know who I am?”
For the next 20 minutes, according to the officer, Iverson “went on and on” about who he was.

“I stated to Mr. Iverson, it really doesn’t matter who you are,” Durham wrote. “You tried to conceal your vehicle with a fake drive-out tag due to you not paying for your tags.”

Apparently the tag fee on a Lambo is kind of pricey. Clisby, Iverson’s driver, responded: “Would you want to pay $10,000 for a tag?”

In the end the car was towed and later the former Sixers MVP apologized to the police department stating that he was just upset about his vehicle, according to the report.