“For centuries, African American men and women have persevered to enrich our natural life and bend the arch of history toward justice … African-Americans have strengthened our nation by leading reforms, overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers.” – President Barack Obama

It may be a stretch to say that President Barack Obama has crafted a “black agenda” for America, but this much is clear: One week after announcing his re-election campaign for 2012, Obama has dispatched senior black White House advisors to black communities across the country to share stories about how the administration is working to improve the quality of life for African-Americans.

The Obama administration’s goal is ambitious: To connect with one million African-Americans and host 100 events in black communities across the country throughout 2011. Obama, America’s first black president, is sending out a resounding battle cry to his African-American base at a time when his approval ratings among blacks is slipping.

This charge-the-hill approach to African-American outreach is unprecedented for the Obama administration, and it signals that Obama is leaving nothing to chance and has listened – and responded – to critics who claim that Obama needs a black agenda moving forward.

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