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President Biden

The Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan for human infrastructure will greatly improve Black Americans’ quality of life and redress

/ October 8, 2021

President Joe Biden carries around a white card on the inside of his jacket pocket with a list of important

/ September 23, 2021

What should the Biden-Harris agenda for Black America be for the first 100 days? The victory of President-elect Joe Biden

/ November 12, 2020

  According to Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has home training. At least that’s what was suggested after Buttigieg

/ April 29, 2019
african kings

WASHINGTON (AP) - Since his election in 2008 as the first black president, Obama has been hounded by questions about

/ June 14, 2013
african kings

theGRIO REPORT - President Obama, in his own words, speaks candidly, honestly and poignantly on how his policies affect the

/ September 7, 2011
african kings

The Obama administration's goal is ambitious: To connect with one million African-Americans and host 100 events in black communities across

/ April 18, 2011