New Orleans, almost six years after being devastated by Hurricane Katrina, is still working to rebuild. Former New Orleans Mayor, C. Ray Nagin, has penned a new book, called Katrina’s Secrets, which reflects on the historic hurricane that devastated the city and the federal government’s response to the natural disaster.

“We could have all done better, absolutely,” said Nagin during an interview on MSNBC. “But it’s just a part of history now.”

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Nagin’s book talks about the days that followed Hurricane Katrina, the struggle to gain federal aid from FEMA and the politics behind the scenes. He even points out the lack of co-operation that was due to bipartisan politics between a Democratic governor and a Republican president.

Nagin’s book is not all doom and gloom, he showcases the heroes and, as he puts it, the “sheroes,” who were some of the first responders after the hurricane. “You’re gonna learn about how we brought a city back from almost being totally devastated,” Nagin said.

The former mayor was quick to point out that although the local police were diligent to rescue and help New Orleans, and according to him, 90 percent of displaced citizens were quickly moved to the convention center, on a federal level new laws have not been enacted to help prevent slow governmental response times. “No laws have changed and it can happen again.”