A central Florida ice cream store is trying to win back customers, after a promotional costume became controversial. The costume is supposed to look like an ice cream cone, but some say it resembles a KKK hood.

The owners at the newly opened ice cream family corner and sandwich shop in Ocala, decided a great way to attract customers would be to have an employee stand outside in an ice cream costume.

Jasmine Gonzalez says initially the promotion worked and ice cream sales jumped, but then, just as quickly, business dropped off.

“Things just changed dramatically. And we were like, what’s going on,” said Gonzalez.

The employees soon learned the problem, from a distance the costume looked to some people like a kkk hood.

“We started hearing people say, oh there’s kkk at the ice cream family corner, um you know don’t go.” The rumors flew on Facebook and reactions from passers by was mixed.

“I’m offended by it and I’m gonna tell everybody don’t come here,” said a witness.

Gonzalez says the truth is, her family is from Puerto Rico and didn’t even know what the kkk was let alone look like a costume to look like a hood. “No harm to nobody. We’re not affiliated with none of that.” said Gonzalez.